A deep fascination with the line of the horizon, the inherent beauty of nature and the uniqueness of human nature are the elements that I revel in.

My paintings are made with Oil and Cold Wax along with other mediums to create layer upon layer of thin coats which gives the paintings an intensity and purity of tone. During the process I will use a number of odd tools to make scratches, buffs, etch marks, bubbles and a variety of other marks including the written word upon the painting to give texture and visual interest. It is a very exciting process in which the initial appearance of the painting is very wild, bright, hectic then little by little as I add the opalescent layers of paint it has a calming affect much like a meditation.

A few of the tools that I use are: kitchen squeegee, hair brush, bubble wrap, cheese cloth and a metal tube.

Throughout this life my artistic vision and personal philosophy has been influenced by the creative contributions of Albert Einstein, Georgia O’Keefe, Maxfield Parish, Walter Ufer and Toulouse Lautrec.

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